Many people have heard of Mediation. However, a majority really do not understand how it works or how the process will benefit a family, business or organization. Mediation may be your only opportunity to create a desirable settlement.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential settlement process whereby a neutral third party, called a mediator, acts to facilitate a resolution to the dispute, which is called a mediated agreement. The mediator’s role is that of a neutral, impartial, third party who has no stake in the outcome of the dispute. The mediator acts to facilitate communication between the parties by identifying issues, brainstorming for options and helping the parties to reach a voluntary and “do-able” agreement. The mediator, the parties, or if the parties’ have attorneys, will formalize the mediated settlement agreement.

Divorce Without Attorneys?

Divorce mediation stands out as one of the fastest growing areas for the use of mediation. Couples have the opportunity to create their own agreement. Sensitive issues such as, parental sharing, child support, division of assets, debts, and alimony, can be solved by the parties who are ultimately affected by the decisions reached. Couples will also see the benefits of greater financial savings, faster resolution and avoidance of the severe emotional stress associated with a ‘court battle.’ More and more couples are going to mediators before going to attorneys. It is important to select an experience mediator who is also Florida Supreme Court Family Certified.

Mediation can be used for a multitude of disputed matters, such as business & business partnership conflicts, insurance claim disputes, will disputes, and HOA disputes. It is not a new process for resolving disputes: Indian chiefs and village elders have been mediating for centuries. Contact a mediator before a conflict rises to the level of filing legal action or before the parties are unable to communicate.

Written by Noël Miner

Noël L. Miner of Linke Mediation, Inc., is Florida Supreme Court Certified in Circuit & Family Mediation and has been successfully resolving disputes in Florida since 1995. Please call (561) 301-5561 and visit for information.

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